so i just started a band and need a new amp that has the volume for small gigs and has a great clean channel to use a pedal through. i have looked at a few modeling amps (peavey vypyr line 6 spider and marshall mg series) to avoid this dilema but none of which seem to turn me on. im looking more for a combo for the portability and something say under $800. i play alternative rock, hard rock and metal. any help would be greatly appreciated.
im in canada but i still might look into the vox. im looking for a darker clean tone but clear at the same time.
Are you willing to go used? A Roland JC-120 would probably work well.

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Laney VC50 - loud, clean, takes pedals like a charm, sparkly and spanky.

Traynor YCV40 - loud, clean, takes pedals like a charm, warm and mellow.
If you are in Canada, look into a Traynor YCV40. It has a nice and warm clean tone (as far as I could tell for the 15-20 minutes I tried one out). I didn't try pedals with it, but people will tell that pedals work well with it. It also fits your price range.
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Quote by GezzyDiversion
Roland JC120 - THE clean amp, stereo as well

thing is the JC-120 isn't actually "the" clean amp by any means - it's actually got a very distinctively dry, flat and transparent sound to it, which is great when that's what you want, but unless that's specifically what you want, i'd look elsewhere.
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In general I think Brittish voiced amp work better with pedals than fenders do. If you're playing gigs, then reliability is also a concern. Something like a Laney might fit your budget. A Marshall Bluesbreaker combo would be cool, but probably too expensive. An AC30 might work, but reliability can be an issue there.

IMO the Roland JC120 is a horrible idea unless your goal is to have those cheesy 80's chorused cleans.
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thanks for all the suggestions, the vox ac30 has my attention and from alot of reviews i hear its quite reliable and loud as hell. my question to you now is, how about the ac30vr for half the price? seeing as i only intend to play through a clean channel and use my pedals this seems like a good idea since its normal (clean) channel its powered by only tube where as the gain channel is ss. or is it worth the money to just go straight tube?
I would make sure you try those new AC30's before you buy them, or at least buy from somewhere that offers a solid return policy.

As much as I used to trust Vox, their new AC30/15's have not all been as awesome as their predecessors, which begs the question, has Vox lost it?

Try it out before you buy it, and keep an open mind, that's the best thing for you to do right now.
I'd recommend checking out an AC30 at your local music shop, and if you like it find one on craigslist. That's what I tend to do when buying gear. Saves a very pretty penny
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