So our school is going to buy a new guitar and amp, and they've asked me to come along and test/play/listen to the new stuff they're buying.

School's mainly going to use it for musicals, concerts, random jam sessions and teacher-frightening-police-aggravating-bone crushing-testosterone filled slayer songs... Really, any style has to be possible on the new set-up.

I'm not sure about the price yet, but they're aiming at around 1000 euro's for both up to 1000 euro's each.

Any tips, ideas, comments, thoughts etcetera?
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thats pretty epic actually.

-Cheap classical guitar
-Cheap western
-Ibanez GRX70 jumpstart package
-Shine bass + Eden Nemesis en8jr 25W
If versatility is the key, a modeller would be perfect. With that budget an Axe-FX is very tempting, but probably not that great because the Axe-FX isn't really that user friendly. A Line 6 Vetta sounds good for this purpose too.
Line 6 amps are very versitile... thats what i started on during school in 6th grade.
I bought a Epiphone SG as my first guitar for around 400 USD but ever since i got my cheap, beat up, used, one pickup, one knob, old Fender Squire Bullet i have rarely used my SG... The tone wasnt appealing to me but it was also great to start on.
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wow, that's some serious cash. you should convince them to pick up a decent gibby les paul. or an american strat. you'll probably have a hard time convincing them to purchase a "metal guitar" (although i think that's kind of a silly classification) than a sweet sounding LP or Strat that can play clean jazz and blues then get real dirty for a rock musical.

as for amps...whew, don't know where to start. i've heard really good things about bogner's stuff and i think they're relatively inexpensive for the quality. never played one though, so i'll stop talking now...
It would definitely say a really decent strat if your going for versatility, and for an amp, either a combo Peavey (Good for about anything, and VERY versatile), or a Line 6.
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The Peavey Vypyr tube models are very versatile, so are the Line 6 Vettas. As for the guitar... As long as it doesn't have active pickups and isn't a BC rich you can't really go wrong per se.
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A good line 6 amp with some of those pre-sets for different stuff to play, and indeed a 'neutral' guitar like a LP or Strat, maybe a Ibanez/LTD/Jackson superstrat that still looks neutral. Think about the poor high school-musical guitar dude, he does not want to play on a Beast, RR or Explorer!
Wow, thanks for the fast reactions!

I was thinking of a Strat myself too, but the amp is going to be the hardest choice I think. I'll look into the vetta and the vypyr. The current amp is a (prehistorical, beaten up, rusted, really bad) peavey so I think the vypyr should be available.

Maybe I am going to be the highschoolmusical guitarguy: The teacher directing the musicalband asked me to join in. I played a few times with them, and then she asked me if I could help them get the new stuff And yes, I've been desperately searching for the 'gain' button on the classical guitar they gave me to play some cool licks, they only allow me to play pussychords
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thats pretty epic actually.

-Cheap classical guitar
-Cheap western
-Ibanez GRX70 jumpstart package
-Shine bass + Eden Nemesis en8jr 25W
I missed you were looking for a guitar too, sorry. I have an Ibanez SZ which is a pretty versatile guitar. It has humbuckers, but they are pretty low output (for a humbucker) so they can do clean stuff and metal too with the right amp. 3-way switch with out of phase coil splitting in the middle position. They don't make this specific model anymore, so I advice you to look into the Ibanez S-series.

Btw, where in Holland are you
About the amps...
Not everyone who uses them will be as advanced as you. Some people will not know what the hell to do with it. Thus simplicity is key. Better to sacrifice tone and get ease of use, as many people who use it cant tell the difference. For example, looking at a vox valvetronix makes my head spin, too many buttons, and i could never turn up a few minutes before a practise and know what to do. My fender, for example, has one knob, which selects the effect and how much of it - a bit like on a L6 spider. Much simpler to use. Admittedly, it doesnt sound as good, but great for guitarists who arent familiar with it.
As for guitars, i'd second a strat, but make sure its HSS for more versatility, or get a LP/SG but coil tapped.
^ that's what user mauals are for, bro.

I think a Vox VT would fit the bill very nicely. easy to find, decent variety of tones, easy to use. they're not that complicated.
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I'd say get something that takes pedals well and get a few effect pedals.
In my school we are using a roland cube's and squier fenders strato and tele. I like both guitars and amps, i think you should take a look on something like this :P.
1000 each is a ****load.

For performances with few guitars I'd suggest a VOX AC30, i believe that should be appropriate.

Otherwise for practise and other stuff you can't go wrong with Vypyrs or Vettas,
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OK, some more info, just a little update:

I attend school near Den Bosch.
Today I went to Wessing and I've asked if I could try something out.
He handed me a high level Mexican strat (they start out at €500, this was a better quality one of about €750)
He hooked it up to a Line 6 Spider 112 valvesomething something 40W. He told me it actually was a Bogner with L6 effects build in (It had a 'Amplification by Bogner' badge, and it said Celestion on the speaker ). It sounded quite nice and it was definitely loud enough( ). It was indeed a versatile and easy-to-use amp. It has 4 knobs to store settings, so I could make a setting beforehand, and the other guitarists can just select them, ready to go, effects and everything set.
He didn't have any peavey's, and I had too little time to try out the Vox he had in mind.
The 112 valve L6's are a safe bet, I think...

It's probably going to be a strat. A les paul is probably just a bit too expensive, and it is not as versatile (3 way switch in stead of 5 way)

Thanks for the tips guys! Keep 'em coming!


Yottaedit: Yes, the same amp has to be used for performance in large halls(school cafeteria for example) and for practice as well
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thats pretty epic actually.

-Cheap classical guitar
-Cheap western
-Ibanez GRX70 jumpstart package
-Shine bass + Eden Nemesis en8jr 25W
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If you can try one, the Vox VT30 or VT50 would be ideal here, and they'd be more than loud enough for gigging in cafeterias and the like.

the mexican strat sounds a good option, maybe try and pickup a HSS strat for slightly more versatility? The Ibanez SA-Series springs to mind also.
Vox AC30 will never do metal, even with pedals infront. I love the amp and own one (because I don't play metal), but if you want everything, look elsewhere.

Also, a strat isn't more versatile because it has a 5 way switch as opposed to the les pauls 3 way switch. It is more versatile because of the slightly longer neck and the fact the single coil pick ups allow a sound with more prominent higher harmonics, which you don't get with a les paul (hence les pauls' beefier sounds). You can turn the tone down on a strat to lose some of those harmonics, while you cant add them to a les paul as they just aren't there, I'm not saying a strat can sound like a les paul, but it can give you a greater range of tone due to the single coils, than the les paul which specialises in pure grunting beef.
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