I don't get why everyone's so into her. I mean, she's a pretty average looking girl from a pretty average sounding band, in my opinion.
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I don't get why everyone's so into her. I mean, she's a pretty hot looking girl from a pretty crap sounding band, in my opinion.

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She should count her lucky stars as with all the fellows/internet folks who want her, it could have been worse than a kiss.
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She's a bitch because some random guy kissed her and she said she didn't like it?

This. I would have been pissed too, especially since he wasn't taking her seriously when she told him to stop/get off stage.
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I'd rather post a chat up line with an escape route in case it starts going wrong.

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

*girl looks unimpressed*

"Because it looks like you landed on your face."
still do. i don't care. atleast i will ask now. lol
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you're not gonna want to take a dump in a gross, off-colored, vintage toilet. you want something that is white and pearly; something that shines. something that you can put your cheeks against and say, "f*** yeah"
She has a point... She didn't know him. She didn't ask him to. It's a bit weird.

She still hawt.
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Meh, I've moved on from Hayley. I'm into Orianthi now

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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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Ive never heard her speaking voice before...Im very turned off now.

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