im guessing there has been a thread about this before but i cant find one so here it goes.

can anybody recommend any good songs/artists to listen to while playing shoot 'em up games such as halo/call of duty/battlefield

for halo there are the obvious ones such as the halo 2 theme and breaking benjamin - blow me away but i cant really think of many more.

any ideas?
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anything by muse... or no doubt. though i prefer chilled out music (such as john mayer and BB king) because if you're chilled out and calm your reactions are better than when you're on edge and ''rocking out'' well... my reactions are better that way anyway.
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I used to always listen to System of a Down whilst playing CoD4 and it was awesome. But yeah what you normally listen to or any metal.
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For sports i need rap playin but for fighting,racing, and Shooters give me something heavy.

When i played WOW i would play Young Jeezy "And then What" 24/7 along with Lil Wayne "Hustla Music" and ride out to that while pvp'ing.

From Halo to Moder Warfare all shooters sound better with "Faint" or "Crawling" by linkin park blasting and BYOB also works too.
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Don't know about shooters, but Psy trance is really awesome when playing Starcraft.
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the god of war III metal album
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if you like punk: No pun intended - The Hives
alternative Nine black alps- Unsatisfied
" "- ironside
I usually just hit shuffle.
Or I listen to in game music. I've always loved the in game music.
Audiosurf mixed with Mars Volta seems like a good idea on paper. Much like Lysergic acid on paper *coolface*

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I tend to prefer not to listen to music when i play, but some power metal should do the trick.
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the god of war III metal album

"Blood and metal"

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Anything but three days grace and Drowning pool. That's all I ever hear on gaming videos.
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Nothing beats thrash metal when you are playing a first person shooter. Put on some Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, and Metallica, then rack up the kills.

However, if you are playing an RPG or an MMO, progressive metal would be more appropriate.
i make quick scope sniper montages on mw2 and i use this good song on all my videos called let the bodies hit the flour by drowning pool its sooooooo cool

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i make quick scope sniper montages on mw2 and i use this good song on all my videos called let the bodies hit the flour by drowning pool its sooooooo cool


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I listen to Reclamation by Lamb of God while playing Fallout, because it fits really well. Apart from that I like to play games in silence apart from the in-game FX
I like metal, the really heavy bassy type that gets you going - I'm talking Amon Amarth, Lamb of God, newer Testament, etc, and with the lights out, that just makes pc gaming so much more intense
I like The Subways' "All Or Nothing" album when I play Forza 3, but it's always a safe bet to go with some Anamanaguchi, which works with any game.
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Classical music. You should snipe while doing it.

Otherwise, I'd go with dubstep or some other electronic music.
heavy fucking electro. or heavy fucking metal.

can't go wrong either way.
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Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Any thing in that epic sounding theme
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Ever since Burnout included a selection of classical tracks on Paradise, I've pretty much used playlists of various composers on most games.

It probably works most well on GTA, what with the variations of gameplay allowing for some remarkable combinations.
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