I posted the tab for this in the tabs section a couple months ago and I've been working on this for a while now. I wanted to know what you guys thought of everything like the overall mix/guitar sound/drum mix/synths and pretty much just if you like the song in general. It's kinda similar to Chimp Spanner and Periphery with a little Scale the Summit too. Thanks for listening. Will C4C!

Oh yeah I did everything in Cubase. Guitars are from Pod X3/Drums are superior metal foundry/Synths are mostly Omnisphere and Bass is Trillian. Some Kontakt samples in there too.

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It sounds really good man. I can really hear the periphery and sts influence. The guitar sounds great, same with the synth and drums. All in all, great work man, hope to hear more stuff like this from you
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Wow! Great tones all around. The mix is awesome, can't find anything to critique in that regard.

Gonna comment as I listen: The intro was fantastic and I love the melody. The part around 3:25 with the dueling guitar and synth was sweet. I like the lo-fi samples in the back around 3:50. Cool riffage with the piano next. Great soulful lead at 4:59. Loving the call and answer section. The panning synth at ~6:00 is a great touch and really complements everything well. More awesome piano and samples. Cool flutey sound. Again the synth and leads go really, really well together and the way they're panning back and forth is awesome.

This was a really, really well played, recorded, mixed, etc.song! The composition is excellent and I didn't get bored at all throughout the almost 10 minutes.

I've got a new song up at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1363431 if you wouldn't mind letting me know what you think. It's djenty but nothing prog like this!
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First, I have to say, this is awesome. Instrumentally, I can think of nothing that would need improving. The song has great riffage, great soft passages. Good variation, both in mood and in style. Perfect

However, I think it could be better with vocals. Vocals, and more importantly, good lyrics, could sieze the different moods you present in the music and use them to tell a story, thereby creating a whole other aspect to the music.
Omg man. I'm totally impressed. This is the shit. I loved the intro. Your tones are as godly as the bands you say this is similar to. The mix is fantastic, I'm trying to find something wrong with this piece.

You keep the energy throughout the whole piece, there is never a low moment in this piece. Total adventure metal imo.


edit: This is inspiring stuff bro, I really appreciate what you've done here. I hope i can be as good of a song writer one day.
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You might know Chimp Spanner used to show up once in awhile on the Line 6 forums. He got written up in Sound-on-Sound magazine a few months ago. I am listening to "Relays" right now. Everything sounds very good! That includes overall sound quality, piano, bass, guitar, and drums. Sounds professional. Guitar playing is excellent! Overall, sounds great! Please review my music at this link: