I know what it is, but what exactly does it affect? Also, is there a way to change it? I'm fairly new at adjusting things on my guitar. The only things that I really do are adjust the truss rod, the strings, and the pick up height, so I'm just curious.
You'd need to completely overhaul the neck to "adjust" it. Sand it down, refret, etc. So, you can't really adjust it, no.

It's a personal thing, really. Some people prefer more radius, others like flat fretboards. Try some different guitars and see what you prefer.
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As Neil was trying to say, it's arcing the fretboard to make it more comfortable to fret. The larger the radius, the flatter the fretboard. Shredders and fast players generally prefer a flat board, while smaller radii are rounder and are better for chording.

There are even compound radii which have a smaller radius near the nut, and it smooths out and transitions to a larger, flatter radius near the higher frets.

EDIT: And as stated, the radius isn't something you can change, you'd have to pretty much redo the whole fretboard.

If you want to get into some easier, and not too expensive modding, simple wiring mods are good.


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Fretboard radii are different strokes for different folks. Some people like flatter large radii. Some people like smaller, more curved radii.

I've noticed some trends--the shreddy guitars tend to have a larger (flatter) radius. Vintage guitars like Strats and such stick with much more curved fingerboards. Personally I like a nice balance, something like 10".