Stand up on your own two-
You're existence is all one-
Your a time bomb ticking, set to

[Verse 1]
You hold the last remaining glimmer,
Of hope in your hands!
By the same leeching evil in your grasp,
It's smoldered underneath the sand,
That falls away, grain by grain,
As the lives pass,
Into a further existence,
Beyond the fading black!

[Verse 2]
The palm of my hand is where your life,
So magnificently fits.
The strings attached to the tips of my fingers,
Rides along every emotional grip.
No toleration for the one who's life's in vain,
No guilt for the master who plays along with your little game!

Feel the final moments kill off your nervous system,
With a winter's chill, as her fingers did,
In your final remenission!
Let the agony, sweep you off your feet,
Fall into the abyss,
Deeper into the sulcus!
Ration the seconds, the breaths it takes,
To find the end!
Of your tunnel, only to see,
It's just another bend!

*Just to get ahead of the game, 1) my drummer says this one is also confusing haha 2) This song is about somebody who can't do anything for themselves and who rely on somebody to control them all through life by telling them how to live, act, etc. However, when they finally realize that they can do it, it's too late and they find that the "end" of their tunnel, is just another bend.

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