I've been playing for about 3 years, I play metal and my picking is driving me ****ing crazy lately. I use dunlop jazz III picks and tend to alternate/economically pick everything. I can play pretty fast now, but every time I play fast riffs, the pick slides down my thumb and index finger until it's almost in my palm. Any tips?
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Try some other picks? Try holding it at some different angles too.
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Try looking for picks that have scales where you grip it... Might help for some grip.
don't use slimy picks!!!

picks that are cast from gel suck for metal and they get slippery when wet...

use powdery picks, like yellow turtles by dunlop

know what i mean?

also, use need a thicker pick, between medium and think, for metal, not thin...

dunno what you are already using, but i hope this helps!

check out the main riff for Bleed by Meshuggah!