walk streets near the post office to meet
a girl i met in the spring for drinks, wearing a
sweater small for a heart concealed beneath
a thrift cotton shield, threadbare but all the more
appeal-weird shade of blue, moccasin boots and
corduroy pants that roll themselves with steps
i take and then take back-in a small den, next to a
bookshelf well-read, educating the thoughts that i
so cherish with coffee black and scrambled eggs-
things i think about since she left; death, transportation,
antique necklaces, ancient egyptian kings, what clothes
i will be buried in-some useless, some obscure, some
worth mentioning only because of how not worth
mentioning they are-like, i swam in a sea when i was seventeen,
and none of this mattered, neither the moment or the memory-
i note this while in bed thinking about how when i'm hungry,
i eat, and when i'm thoughtless,
i sleep-
and if this is useful to anyone,
how worthless they must be.
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it's useful to me, but that may be useless. keep writing everything and anything.
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i note this while in bed thinking about how when i'm hungry,
i eat, and when i'm thoughtless,
i sleep-

Why that line resonates so loudly, I don't know, but it's fantastic.

Bravo, sir.
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I hate to have to agree, but I do. There is something about this that just echoes within me, it was like watching a magnificent bird simply ride the wind before abruptly swooping down to tear my eyes out. I hope Im not worthless.
I feel my opinion of this is best expressed in computer science terms...
You kept pushing my stack, but you never popped it, ever.

If that just sounds dirty and senseless to you, then I'm not really sure how else to explain it. You kept trailing off, and never returned back to what you started with, at least not to my satisfaction
hah. greyeyed i understand what you mean. i feel i've been missing something as of late, though i did feel this was a bit of a progression back to where i was, or think i should be, i get what you're saying.

as to everyone else, thanks a lot.
i liked this more than i've liked anything for quite a while. there's loneliness and there's disenchantment to spare and i don't feel like there's any trailing thoughts. it's walking circles around a meaning you (and most people) can't find because there isn't one, and that's the point. i really, really love this.