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When somethings on your mind and you can't seem to get rid of it. And when the things that normally make you happy aren't doing it for you, such as playing guitar or listening to music or whatever.

The only thing I've found that kind of works for me is going for a drive. What about you, Pit?
Masturbation is always good, for any occasion.. What was your question again?
I go work out, play some aggressive video game or cycle around the lake with some Vai in my ears.

If it gets too much, I could always jump in..
Order a large Bob Marley, extra crispy
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either a stiff drink, a long nap or a marathon of soul calibur 4
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Spend some time in solitude.
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drive and usually whack Child in Time on, and scream the lyrics - loadsa fun
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Dropkick Murphys always seem to do the trick for me. Don't even know why, they just do.
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Long drive.
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Driving, or a good mix session. If it goes sour I get worse though.


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Going for a run, drinking or toking, depend on which is a doable option at the time.

XAVIEDIT: And make or play music, though I usually can't be very productive when my head's full of fuck from life in general so it ends up being a jam session mostly.
walking to no destination in particular and trying to find my way home again (good fun, and the desperation takes your mind off everything)
and sometimes
spend money on happiness (food, movies, magazines, etc), short term gratification is good to clear up your mind and look at things from a better perspective.

either that or masturbation.
Dammit Fallen, quit making me want to listen to TAG!

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Walk around, make music, smoke weed, drink a little bit. Meditation helps a lot too.

Usually I grab whatever book I'm reading, go out to this lakeside area near my house, while I'm walking there I'll play this:

I'll get to the place I usually sit down to read, and I might just sit there for an hour or 2 reading.

Though that'll be hard to do what with winter coming up, so I guess when it's too cold to do that I lock myself up in my room and I just let my fingers do whatever the hell they want to on the fretboard.

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Dammit Fallen, quit making me want to listen to TAG!


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1. A show. Rocking out and headbanging is extremely therapeutic, I find. It's my favorite way to unleash energy.
2. A walk at night.
3. Staring at the sky for a long time.
4. Taco Bell.
5. A nap.
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Go for a run, lift weights, or swimming helps a lot. In general, exercise makes me feel much better about everything.

And when all else fails, fap like a baboon.
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Binge drinking.

This. I get horribly drunk. I shouldn't cuz it could create a bad habit and I will most likely end up as a raging alcoholic
In all honest truth. Either go for a walk, Get high and play guitar directly after I play Guitar.

Listen to music ALL THE TIME.
Relaxing music + weed
Im doing it now and I feel fantastic (:
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Smoke weed. Drink. Masturbate. Talk to a woman. Sleep.
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

For me, I put on something nice like some Pink Floyd, dim the lights, and just relax. Just let your mind at ease and eventually you will feel better...
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