I want to buy a guitar hero drum set for my 360 for when the new guitar hero comes out, but i dont have 70 bucks to spend. After browsing around on eBay, i came across a replacement drum unit. it does not include the stand, or a bass pedal, but i have a ps2 drum set, so that wouldnt be a problem.

All I want to know is, if I buy this, can I put it on the ps2 stand and plug in the ps2 pedal, and have it function fully?

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you could buy real drums too just saying
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I wouldn't see why not. Other than you're trying to connect a Sony PlayStation peripheral to a Microsoft Xbox one.
Quote by gerbil_mastr
you could buy real drums too just saying

He just said he doesn't have enough money to buy a 70 dollar fake drumset.

What makes you think he's got hundreds of dollars to spend on a real one?