I was wondering if there was a way to update tabs without re-submitting them. I tried last time with Holdin' It Down For the Underground by A Day to Remember, and I went to update it and added another. Is there a way around this?
No, updates must go through an approval process, just like adding a new tab. When you say it "added another" im not sure what you mean?

Did you go to My Profile > Contributions > Tabs > and click the u! button?

The reason it has to go through approval i assume is to stop people abusing the system, such as uploading loads of tabs, and then updating them to remove content etc.
You are thinking that that creates a new tab (since it is in the same format) but all it does is update the old one
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When I say that it added another, I mean that I know have both tabs, version 2 and 3, it didn't update the first one.