This year I'm planning on building a guitar for a 4-H project and I'd like to clone a Fender HSS Strat or Les Paul. Some stuff you might like to know:

- Im not that great of a player, I'll be building for the sake of building a guitar, not building my dream guitar.

- Im a bedroom player for the most part. I play through a small SS bass amp. No suggesting a new amp, my parents wont let me build or buy a new one.

- I play a wide variety of styles, classic rock, alt rock, pop punk, etc.

Hopefully soon I can take a trip to GC to try out different models (and maybe i'll settle on building something else) but for now, I'd like some help comparing the two and seeing which may fit my styles better. Your advice is appreciated, thanks!
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tip no. 1.

dont go to GC.

tip no. 2.

make it out of lego bricks.
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I'm not going to GC to buy, and no other store carries a wide variety of guitars.
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Well, for VARIETY tone-wise I'd say HSS or HSH is about as versatile as you can get. As for the guitar itself, I'djust go to a shop and play the heck out of the different guitars, find the one that feels best, then look that up and base my design on that. =P That's what I'm doing now, actually. XD
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tip no. 1.

dont go to GC.

tip no. 2.

make it out of lego bricks.


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so are you asking us anything about this? or just telling us about it? or just wanting to bounce ideas off us or something?

not trying to be an ass, i just don't know how to respond, cause i'd love to help!

also, this would be much better off in GB&C, do you want this moved over there?

edit- just noticed your avvy, you're already cool to me.
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