Thats right. Indie music sucks.
Its for crøss dressing middle class hipsters whø wear neøn sunglasses because (HUHUH SØ RANDURRRRM), tight burlap shirts, cardigans and girl jeans.

All the søng names and bands have stupid names because HUH ITS FUNNY CUS ITS RANDURRRRM. Its nøt avant garde, its nøt artistic, its as stupid as blues musicians pseudønyms. (whø suck as well, wøw, aløt of øld peøple think yøu play guitar well because yøu bend aløt øv notes (FYI, eric claptøn sucks)

Indie is a plague, and it will søøn be crushed back intø the vntergrøund (which admittedly, isn't all bad music there), and yøur awful bands of this awful decade will be førgøtten. Kings øv Leøn, Killers, Cøldplagerism, Scøuting før Girls, Burzum, Franz Ferdinand, Snøw Patrøl, THE fratellis, THE arctic monkeys, THE twang, Newtrøll millcøathell, Portugal THE man, THE pigeon detectives, THE beatles, The libertines, THE strokes all THØSE sørt øv bands will just die. They are made to appeal tø middle class crøss dressers. I have nø idea why yøu fagots think yøu get søme sørt øv hipster cred før listening tø underground (as well as mainstream) indie, as if it was challenging tø listen tø.There is absølutely nøthing arty abøut indie, its just unsigned pøp music using a basic chørd prøgressiøn and søme øbviøus metaphørs.

Nøw I dønt need some FYI møfø telling me that indie means indepedent. I knøw that. Im talking abøut the genre labelled as "indie" sø stfu.

Yøur parents spend £5øøø øn guitar equipment før yø u sø yøu can be shit and play wønderwall. Yøu spend your trust fund check in 2 weeks øn getting pissed.
Seriøusly, støp listening tø indie because its fashiønable, listen to real music like Emperør, Xytheryøth, Anal ****, tørsøfvck, Immørtal, Necrøfetus, The Black Satans. Thøse are timeless classics, nøt the latest hipster craze
That's nice
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Uhh there was this guy who didn't get any of the questions in some exam so he put 2 pencils in his nose and headbutted the desk.. and died.. that's pretty stupid.

Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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Now I can say, with sufficient certainly, that you, Gunpowder...

i almost agree with you, but not really.
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