I have a Mexican telecaster but i hate the way the bridge looks, so im wondering, how does a Wilkinson ashtray bridge compare to the MIM one (quality wise)?


GFS has a great Wilkinson style bridge for $50, an exact copy, if you buy the Wilkinson brand bridge, your just paying for the name really, just like Gibson and Fender.

People have told me that the Wilkinson bridges are a huge upgrade from the standard 6 point vintage Fender bridges.
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I'm gunna copy this from some GB&C'er who i forget

"Bridges have a terrible price to quality ratio. A crappy bridge will be cheap, a meh bridge will be expensive, and a good bridge will be insane."

Well its only a tele bridge (dare i say it) which is a simple system.

Do you recon it'll be ok then?
I'd imagine a wilkinson bridge will be a better than the stock fender bridge. So yes.

What i'm saying is, spending 100$ on a bridge won't make as big of a difference as spending 100$ on pickups or something.

EDIT: Not saying you should get new pups or that you should spend 100$ on a bridge, just an example.