So, I've been writing music for awhile, and I plan to finally record a bunch of it and post it on my UG band profile/other places like myspace and facebook. Anyway, in the spirit of that, what do I need to do halfway decent recordings?

I plan to use Reaper and record to my PC. I'm sure I'll need MIDI cables, to go from my keyboard/guitar/etc. to my PC. Anything I'm missing, or that you would recommend?

I also have a few basic condenser mics. They're not new, but they were good deals on eBay and they work.

I'm sure I'll have to get a small soundboard and connect that with MIDIs to my PC. Can anyone recommend a cheap (as in less than $100) soundboard? I'll be doing my own eBay search, but any recommendations would be nice.

Thanks, guys!
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im not sure why you think you'd need midi cables for everything. midi doesnt carry any sound, its just data. unless your guitar has midi outs (which im guessing it doesnt) then it'll only be useful for the keyboard. but again, only if the keyboard has midi outs.

you could get either an audio interface and mic your amp and line in your keyboard and whatnot. or you could go the super cheap option and a jack that you can plug your guitar lead into, and then put it in your mic port on your computer. i dont recommend this.

i also think you should check out the resource thread - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1282549
lots of useful information.
As the other guy said, the best way to record it is to obtain a video capture card for your computer.

You don't want to connect the video game console directly to the capture card though because
A) You won't be able to play the games on your TV
B) Capture cards tend to have a delay of up to 3 seconds, so you can't play games by watching the capture video on the computer either

Instead, you should connect the game console to the TV and then connect the "TV Out" on your TV to the capture card on your computer. This will send whatever video is displayed on your TV to the capture card, allowing you to play the game normally while recording. Alternatively you can get a splitter for the video console that splits the connection to both your TV and capture card.

Capture cards cost between about $40 - $100 AUD depending on the brand, whether it's PCI or USB etc.
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