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Hey Gb+c, this year I am moving away to work at a year round camp center. As part of the deal, they are letting me use the workshop up there to build guitars.

Also recently, i got a bunch of 100 year old barn pine + maple, enough for 7 pine bodies and a bunch of necks.

So my plan this year, is to try and build 12 guitars (outside of comission builds), and then sell as many as i can to at least break even.

This is where you come in.

I want to hear from all of you, what do YOU want to see me build?

post either a picture of a guitar, a screenshot from kisakea, a sketch, or describe it to me.

Since i have 7 blanks that amazing pine at my disposal, i plan on making 6 or so telecaster style guitars, so defiantly focus on those, but i will take ANY of your ideas.

(this next part isn't crucial, but it explains why im doing this)
The reason im doing this is because im finding that when im building guitars with the purpose of selling them, i still build them very much to my preferred style. I need everyone's input so i can appeal to a wider audience. My end goal is to get small music stores to buy 1 or 2 instruments to attempt to get my name out there before i head off to school next year for advanced lutherie.

anyways, lets see what you got, and there are NO limitations to what can be done. ive saved up some money and have a steady monthly income now, so any wood, hardware etc is cool. but i do want an emphasis on Telecaster style for now.


-Jay Jillard
Okay, I want to see a themed guitar. Everything matching this theme, from the body shape to the head to the inlays to the paintjob.

Whatever that theme is, I can't really make up my mind... Possible Ideas

An animal:
Cat/Wild Feline

A Country or place:
The World

Evolution (of a species)

Other than that, I'll be on kisekae.


Some seven or eight string multi-scale (AKA fanned fretted) semi-hollow guitars.

you should build a guitar viol, and a tapper. that's my plans, dunno what i'll do then!
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A couple of Thinline/semihollows would be cool, possibly a firebird would be pretty awsome too?

Hey i haven't seen a jillard build here for a while. Glad that 12 are coming .

I think peoples ideas here are too out of the box. How many people are going to go into a store looking for a guitar that is that out there.

I vote for the guy above that said some thinline tele's. Those are so nice in my opinion.

EDIT: Maybe a tele with a piezo or bigsby
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Double neck Tele/strat or a Tele/super strat.
Maybe a design based on the Tele but more ergonomical.
If your super sweet a minimalist Tele with a no neck design ex (gittler guitars)
Okay, here are my first two kisekaes:

Tele 1:

I'm not really sure how I got to this finish or what to call it, it's sort of a yellow and brown stain mix thing... Either way, hollow body, black binding around both body and neck, but the inlays will be black, reverse sharkfin.

Tele 2:
Kind of thinking off the beaten path for once. Pretty self explanatory pink to purple burst, but I want it to have an abalone vine of life inlay.


1) A bass (!), nothing crazy just a good simple bass. Something not-Fender.

2) Double-Cut LP/PRS Santana w/ P90s

3) Filtercaster (Filtertrons + Tele = sextone )

4) Double neck Tele (either normal Tele + 12string, or normal Tele + Humbucker Tele, or one side solid other side semihollow)

5) 6.5 string Strat/Tele?

6) The Ultimate Blues Strat (you can figure out what that means to you)
make an esquire prototype, with all that pine it would be a crime not to.

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Okay, I want to see a themed guitar. Everything matching this theme, from the body shape to the head to the inlays to the paintjob.

Whatever that theme is, I can't really make up my mind... Possible Ideas

i desinged this one a while back

@ skater dan: i kinda like that idea.. not sure how sellable it will be.. but maybe

@ seref: i have a commissioned bass build coming up soon.

@monkeylink,: first one is kinda cool

keep em coming this is good =]
More Tele's:

Tele 3:

Green and Blue Burst, hardtail, 3 singles like a strat, but with only 5 way switch and volume. Maybe wave inlays?

Tele 4:

A Country-ish Tele, gold hardware, creme binding, tortoise shell pickguard. Inlays could be Cowboy related things, maybe just some boots or a hat at the 3rd fret.

Tele 5:

Simple, Black finish, single pickup, single volume, FR, chrome hardware, white binding, aluminum pickguard.

Tele 6:

Rose Burst with a bigsby, 2 P-90's, inlays as either dots, maybe a rose at the 3rd fret. Chrome hardware, 3 way switch up on the horn.


I like that whie tele with the emgs. Very modern-vintage vibe. Needs black tuners, though :X
dude. im totally in love with the green tele up there... lol except with maybe 2 hums and a black pearl pickguard or something to that effect? would be sexy. and black binding too.
I say design something of your own. Make people take a second look, try to get it so that at first glance, they say "hey that's a nice tele," and then they start to leave, but look back and say " wait just a minute. That's not a tele!" and then they'll realize what a cool take on a tele you've created, and how good the craftmanship is, and then buy it. Maybe try to make it somewhat asymmetrical, or a little boxy or something. I dunno what, but you should definitely redesign it.
i think instead of re-doing it, i just want to do it reallly really well. and still make them eye catching. more of a "thats a tele, but its so classy and betterr than all these other tele here. il buy it"

uniqeness in terms of body shape is for custom orders and the empress series.

i do appreciate what your saying though
thinline is the way to go. I also love the old esquire.

also an idea that jut popped into my head that sounds disgusting and/or the coolest thing ive ever heard of in my life. carve top tele.
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My votes:

Anything with a fender "wide range" humbucker in the neck, hollowbody. Stained slightly orange, a bit like the other telecaster you did. Black hardware. Ebony fretboard might look nice.

A "gibson" telecaster, e.g two humbuckers, two vol, two tone. Black hardware again, a light coloured, natural finish. Either chrome mounting ring and tele humbucker-mounting bridge,
or seymour duncan splitting ring things, forget what theyre called. If you can add phase options, then even better.

Something with P90s (black dogear style), black finish. Chrome hardware, standard tele control plate.

Some sort of white guitar with gold hardware, but may work better with a darker fretboard wood.

Definitely some sort of hard rock/metal guitar - EMGs, floyd rose, 7 or 8 string. Maybe onboard effects like an EMG afterburner, maybe a delay if possible? Green to black burst.

Non tele options:
LP shape, semihollow, natural finish, no pickguard, black hardware.

One thing all of these have in common...
They should all be left handed :P
Here's one I'm hoping to build before Christmas.

Dark red/brown with a P90 (probably humbucker sized) in the bridge.

I vote a modern Tele, 7 stringer, fat high output pups, white w/ black hardware. 24 frets.
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wow, that's the first tele I've liked, and I had to make it on kisekae.

I'm not sure about the pickguard and controls. I was thinking maybe no pickguard, but then it loses that tele look, but then I don't like the standard tele control plate. and for some reason it wouldn't load the strap pins right.
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^ That.
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or..7 string tele?
that'd be pretty sweet


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Maybe a design based on the Tele but more ergonomical.


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I guess anything like RR-style guitar or something even more "extravagant" wouldn't fit the trade mark you're trying to push. But feel free to do anything like that too =)
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I guess anything like RR-style guitar or something even more "extravagant" wouldn't fit the trade mark you're trying to push. But feel free to do anything like that too =)

im thinking about an explorer if i can find some good wood for it for not to much money.

but.. im indifferent about it
Purple Quilted maple top with gold hardware and the standard two singles, one with a nickel cover. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMmm

EDIT: Tele of course...Or really any shape would be sextastic like that
If you can, do something with some cool artwork, maybe with a military vibe. I saw a really nice Esquire in the Fender Custom Shop calendar for 2009 I think, it had like the shark's nose that they had on P-40 Kittyhawks during WWII, it looked awesome. Obviously you don't want to copy it, but something along those lines. Not tacky flames.

2) One with a SC sized rail pickup in the neck and a HB size p-90 in the bridge. Actually I might do that =]

3) a supertele. as someone said above, make it more... I wanna say shred, but I just mean more comfortable to play up high... so set or through neck, and nicely contoured at the heel

4) Filtercaster! I love the look of filtertrons, but I've never tried them, so I'm not sure how they sound.

5) Carve top teles are actually awesome. Not too carved, but a light one is good =] I should know, I have one xD

Other than that, I'd like to see more teles with TOMs, p-90s, etc. nothing crazy and too out of the box, but a little more mix and match. I see that you want to make things quite traditional, if you don't mind me saying that, just with better build quality, but a lot of the time when I walk into a guitar store I sort of look past all the American Standard Teles etc, and my eye settles on the slightly unusual ones. I nearly bought the signature model of the guy from Jimmy Eat World, a trans black semi-hollow tele with p-90s, but I ended getting the SMT tele, seeing as a solid body with two HBs was more my style.
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Other than that, I'd like to see more teles with TOMs, p-90s, etc. nothing crazy and too out of the box, but a little more mix and match.

have you seen my tele?

and to actually contribute for once:

top ones an esquire, bottom one's a 7
Spent a few minutes and came out with something I lurv. Seriously, If I were to buy or build a Tele, it'd probably be this.

Black hardware, reverse 50s Strat headstock, P90 bridge/PAF neck with mounting ring, shortened Tele controls, wraparound bridge, white PG, SG-style jack.

Finish is black stain sanded back to fill the grain, then red burst under black burst centering to natural.
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