i maybe getting a bass soon and i am giving squier one more chance. i want a bass after seeing this nice vintage modified squier jazz bass. i don't know if they're any good, but the review seems positive.any one have any knowledge about those basses? thanks.
ive played the squire vintage modified p-bass and it was nice.. id say get a vintage modified or dont bother with squire
It's a good starter bass, and modded they're actually pretty decent.
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The VM Jazz is a pretty good bass for the price. The ones I've played have had nice smooth necks and were really comfortable to play. My only problem with them is the pups. They're "Duncan Designed" so they're not really the best.
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i love my vintage modified jazz
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I haven't had a whole lot of alone time with one of Squier's basses, but I used to own several of their six strings. They were good starter axes. And yeah, they actually are fairly easy to mod out, and I've seen some Squiers that actually really impressed me with a new set of pickups, and a few other light mods. Didn't at all expect it to be as fluent as it was.
For a beginner to intermediate bass I'd say that the better squiers (VM & CV series) are about as good as it gets for the price.

I have modified my Mike Dirnt p-bass to the point that only the body and neck are original and after the many mods it's now on par with some of the MIM fenders I've played. (Some tone snobs will doubt this because of the lower quality body wood but I don't notice enough difference to give a shit)

The vintage modified series are great, I got my Jag bass a few days ago and apart from a few tiny niggles like slight discolouration on a few higher frets and a very small smudge mark under the lacquer on the back of the headstock, I am totally 100% happy with this bass and the price I paid for it. I will no doubt start modding this within a few months though, I'm already thinking of a new pickguard.
ok, but i want to know if it'll need a lot of mods. i mean if i get the bass i want to start playing and not think about modding.
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ok, but i want to know if it'll need a lot of mods. i mean if i get the bass i want to start playing and not think about modding.

I own a squier affinity P bass, and to be honest it sounds, looks and feels every bit as good as a MIM fender. the stock pick up sounds great, the neck is rock solid and the finish is perfect.
my squier strat is almost as nice, only draw back the pickups are a little weak, but other then that its a great guitar.

squier has seriously stepped up their A game in the past 5 years or so. the VM series are even nicer, i have seen people compare the sound of the vintage modified's to the MIA fenders on quit a few occasions.
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ok, but i want to know if it'll need a lot of mods. i mean if i get the bass i want to start playing and not think about modding.

Neither series will really NEED any modification.

What I'm saying is look at the medium to long term and try to get the best bass possible for your money. The CV and VM basses are great beginner to intermediate basses, Whereas the affinity series are strictly beginners basses.

Both are upgradable but the CV and VM are a better foundation to build upon, should you wish to upgrade at a later date.
I am sitting playing my left-handed Squier Precision Bass Special right now and I love it, cost me ninety-nine quid too. Great for my first bass.

I'd say for the money, the standards, custom vibe and vintage modified basses are the best in their class.

Plus they aren't ugly like budget Ibanez etc.
I have gone through some pretty high end gear over the years, MIA Fenders and Schecter Studios, etc. I can honestly say that the Vintage Modified series competes with the best of them.
My first bass was a Squire P bass and I found it well made with good tone defiantly a great starters Bass.