Hi all, iv been playing guitar for about a year now and i feel my technique isnt bad and i have a decent understanding of basic scales. I can play an aright rhythm and can keep timing with chords but when i switch to single or fewer string riffs / sequences /solos i struggle to keep timing. Iv just started using tux guitar but still struggling a little.

Im alight when the rhythm order remains constant such as the intro sweet child o mine and plug in baby but when i get to the more complex rhythm areas i struggle.

I would be very grateful for suggestions as how to work and improve this. I gratefull appreciate any suggestions
There are books available that teach this. They are usually in tab and standard notation. Very useful for building speed. I have the book titled Guitar Aerobics by Troy Nelson. I highly recommend it.
Breakdowns would help. Look into some metalcore bands. They're all about rhythm and odd timings.
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An example of where im struggling is in Sweet Child o Mine, i can play up to the start of the solo pretty spot on at full speed but then i hit the first solo and i totally lose my timing.
it takes practice to play in time. check out the metronomeonline.com for free, and practice with it!! just you, your solo, and the guitar...

also, try some lead guitar exercises with the metronome, like this one:

try some unorthodox metronome exercises, like playing to the up beat instead of the down beat...it's hard!

try this neoclassical riff for extra intensity!!

People often talk about technique and a bunch of other hibber-jabber.

But it NEVER fails you if you simply learn the music, not even note for note, just so you understand the general area of the notes, and then "get a feeling for the music" (sit back, take a deep breath, and really feel the emotion of the song). Once you feel like you're hitting down the rhythm (remember, you don't have to play it note for note yet), then learn it note for note.
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technique and emotion are two sides of the same coin...

If you think so, then sure. Otherwise, technique is simply how well you play, and emotion is how you play. And both have advantages that do much more good than bad.
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
Thanks for all the advise guys, i really do appreciate it. Iv just being doing the solos for seven nation army and smells like teen spirit using tux to gradually increase the tempo. i feel my bending is alright and im slowly getting the timing, my target is sweet child o mine mainly because its possibly my favorite song of all time. I know it requires a bit of bending but generally not to much, its more in the timing where i struggle. Are there any suggestions for solos to practise of exercises to build up to this solo