some months ago after some changes of this for that...I got a 1993-4 fender stratocaster MIM for $200, (and a week ago I got a MIJ 1983-4 squier bullet for $30 then I checked ebay and it goes for $550 )<<irrelevant, I know>>

ok, I like the tone of my strat MIM but I think that a pair of humbuckers will make it better, have anyone of you guys did this before?(put humbuckers on a strat?)
does it sound better?

what you guys think about?
depends on what you want to play.. might as well put some hums into that mim , hopfully its already routed for them
I play kindda european rock(AKBN<also known by the noobs> like "INDIE ROCK" ) and yes, it is routed
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If you've got the cash and your tone is better attained by humbuckers, I don't see why not.
and you already have a 3 single coil strat.. might as well get some more variety
If it's routed for them, you can put normal humbuckers in.

If not, you can route, or put stacked humbuckers in, or put single coil sized rails. Many people put humbuckers on strats (see iron maiden). If you want the humbucker tone, you could have a series parrallel switch which is effectively giving you 2 more positions. neck and middle wired like a bucker. mid and neck wired like a bucker.

Do you understand or need further explanation??

EDIT: the series/parrallel switch is the way to go in my opinion because you can go from humbucker to single coil by pressing 1 button.
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Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio have a range of humbuckers that fit in a single coil slot. I happen to be quite a fan of SD's lil' '59 for single coil slots. That might be a way to go if you don't want to custom order a pickguard.