Hello. This song I wrote shortly after hearing about the death of my best friend, and the best man I've ever known besides my own father. He was a great man, a great father to his son and daughter. After a marriage of 18 years, his wife filed for divorce and lied to him. She, before the divorce was finalized, also begun to see another man.

She lied and cheated her way to get what she wanted. Forcing him to leave his own house, move in a small apartment with his 80 year old mother. Made his own daughter seem to begin to hate him by telling the entire families lies that Mark was a severe drug addict. But the only drugs he was taking were for his back problems.

Now, after 47 and 2 days of life, he has died for no reason at all. Simply passed away in his sleep. Directly, or even indirectly, she has killed this great man and completely disgraced him even after his death by telling lies that my father killed him (they were best friends) and also rushing into his mother's house with practically her entire family, talking trash on him in front of his grieving mother, taking possession of his truck, and just about everything he had so she could sell it off for her own gain.

She's a complete bitch, and my best friend was a great man. Which is the meaning for the title of this instrumental piece, God Always Sees... But Waits. Because He sees the evil in her... but waits until the time to give her what she deserves.

Now, don't go giving this any good ratings simply because my best friend died. Please be honest.

R.I.P. Mark E Schelling (September 15th, 1963 - September 17th, 2010)

~C4C as usual.
God Always Sees, But Waits.gp5
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
I LOVE THIS PIECE OF MUSIC MAN! my only advice would be to boost track 1's volume to 16 starting at bar 21. other then that record this man. RIP Mark E Schelling
My friend's dad had died on the same day, 2 years ago.
Quite sad for your loss sir.
As for the song, I feel that is appropriate, given the subject matter.
It's somewhat of a dirge.
The chordage is really obtuse and murky, which works. And the lead is just, "nasty" (for lack of a better word).
It pecks away at the constitution of the song, kinda like the ex-wife destroying your friends character post-mortem.

It becomes a heroic, yet tragic lead at bar 25. I think the whole/eighth/quarter notes give me that impression.

A good sendoff for your friend. I was viewing under that criteria, which isn't fair. I did see that you wanted honesty, which I have given you and will continue to do so.
The song, on it's own praise, is a bit too murky at times and the leads are a bit confusing. It sets a good atmosphere though. You'll be amazed how 30-so bars of emotionally charged energy will trump a 300 bar technical spasm "song".

The bitch will get what's coming to her. No one escapes unscathed and due justice shall be served.
If all else fails, destroy her reputation.

To do so, you shall first crit this:
Thanks for the comments, everybody. I very much appreciate it.

Btw, does anybody think the song should even have the drums? I think, of course, the drums to add an aspect to it.. but it does make it feel a little different without.. idk. lol. Opinions?
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
I've listened to your stuff man. Solo-oriented thing - not bad. I like it, has some "doomy" feelings in it. Reminds me of Katatonia a little bit. I don't like bar 12. It just doesn't fit well. Dunno....But it's your song, and your feelings, so you decide.
Keep it well!