Since I sold off all my gear in the mid 80s my coveted vintage Ampeg SVT stack was part of it. Since I only had a Fender Rumble 15 that I got a few years ago, IMHO it sucked big time. For some reason it sounded better in the store. Well, Last week I notice the store I do a lot of business with had a Behringer UltraBass BX 1200 for a reasonable price so I picked it up today. I traded my Fender Bass amp in and only paid about $100.00 for this amp. Now I know nothing about these amps but was very surprised at the tone and options. It didn't come with the foot switch but they had an extra new one in the store they tossed in for free. I got it home this afternoon and got to experiment with it and I really like it. I love this amp. I like the fact it has an input for passive and active equipped basses. I have to try it with my Honer active bass but so far with the passives it sounds great. I am sure there is better out there but not being a bass player full time I am not up on what's hot and what's not. All I know is I am very happy with my purchase. Of course the more i use it the more I'll be able to learn how the amp works and sounds. The only issue I have so far is the covering, I plan on recovering it with tolex or a similar faux leather/vinyl.

Anyone that has experience with this amp your opinions are welcome.

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Personally, I've had nothing but bad experiences with Behringer amps, but if yours manages to stay in one piece, then more power to you! Congrats on the new acquisition
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I've had my Behringer practise amp for a good... 7ish years and never had a single problem with it and even did a few pretty large gigs with a BX4500 with the matching 210 and 115 cabs once again, never had a single problem with it. It wasn't the best sounding thing in the world but it definetly passed well. You sound well enough experienced to know not to expect any miracles for $100 anyway.
You get a warranty with these things anyway, and even if it does crap out after 12 months or whatever you got your money's worth out of it.
Still, bet you're missing that SVT right about now hey?
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