So I'm looking to get a new guitar and it happens to be, I really like the ESP Alexi 600 (Alexi from Children of Bodom) but I don't like the idea of having someone elses signature model.
Therefore, I'm looking for ways to mod it to make it my own. I need some ideas though. One thing I'll do for sure is add a neck humbucker. I was wondering if it's possible to change a fretboard inlay, cuz id be up for doing that. But im not really sure what else. Any help?; What would the people of UG do?
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You're plugging an interface into an interface...


Pls tell me what is Interfaception. and how to solve.

get it to where it looks good and plays good in your opinion, then leave it alone.

i don't know what you think looks good or sounds good, so that's up to you.

best of luck to you.
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I've asked about changing fretboard inlays, and it's a job you don't want to do really, way to much work involved and if you don't know what your doing you can easily screw up the neck.

I would grind off that dumb looking paint job, and do something different with it, I saw a spalted maple V that just had a clear coat finish on it, looked badass.

A burst finish would be unique as well, but prolly a dye or stain of some sort would look better.

Really all you can do to make it look different is change the finish, add a pickup, change out hardware, not much else you can do.
i actually have a problem with modding guitars none that i own are stock a change of pups newstring gauge change the scratchplate rewire it add something(killsiwtch,preamp etc.)
new nut,saddle,scoop out the frets
have fun with it!
and enjoy
All we can really do is, advise you NOT to get that guitar.

It sounds like you want a rhoads-style guitar, but don't like the options that are available in the run-of-the-mill models.

Look into body's and necks. There are companies that actually make body/neck combo's like that sig model, you just need to find them. They are out there, waiting to be discovered by you!
If you like the shape and all, but you want a neck pickup, why not just get a Jackson rhoads?


In opinion, Alexi's guitar isnt really signature like. People wont be like OMG YOU'RE AN ALEXI WANNABE! Its more laid back and normal looking. Unlike getting a Synyster Gates Schecter for example, where that DOES look try hardish.