I've been trying to play with a more funkier style of Guitar, and while a few appeal to me one of said few I can't seem to figure out exactly how to play his stuff. Can anyone give me a few pointers? I've been wanting to play Freaky Styley forever now. And their cover of If You Want Me to Stay. His style is just so... lol that's the only way I can describe how it hits me. Anyway, thanks in advance!

(Note: I wasn't so sure if I was supposed to post this here so if I'm in the wrong place, show me where to go! Thanks a bunch guys! )
Fair enough.
Sorry I can't play funk myself, but I know there are some books you can get. They might help....?
Always helps to go back to basics...if you can't do the simple stuff, there's no point trying the more complicated stuff. Anyway, like I say I don't know funk. I'm sure someone else can give you advice.
Most important thing for funk is a rhythmically tight but physically loose picking hand along with knowing which beats to play.

Unfortunately beyond that I don't know much at all about funk so your best bet is probably to just look at tabs for the stuff he's played and try to get it to sound right from there. Might also want to look into some John Frusciante lessons on youtube.
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