Im in the market for a custom acoustic and with the kind of money i can spend ($3000-$4000) Im sure i could get an amazing Taylor or Martin but i am in the custom market because i don;t think i would be satisfied unless is was made exactly to my specifications.

So... i just am looking for the names of some places or specific luthiers that make quality custom acoustics
most of the luthiers i know of charge more than that, but why not check out the agf sponsors... seems to me there's a few in your price range.

also are you in the u.s.? if so, here's some luthiers whose starting prices are within your price range and who have an 8 month or less waiting period.


if you're looking for a parlor, be sure and check out john how.
I know that I read a post on here about some guy making his guitars at $1500 to start with. Just to lazy to look up the link. There were pictures and guys contact info.
AGF sponsors, as patticake suggested, are a good place to start and sometimes even offer discounts to the forum members. I personally recommend Burner acoustics for your price range. They start at $1995 and go up depending on your choices.

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