Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe Solidbody Electric Guitar

OR a

Schecter Damien Elite Electric Guitar

They are roughly the same price and i've narrowed these two down to become my next guitar. But if you think I should try something else out let me know. I've jammed on quite a few different guitars in my price range but let me know.

I play in a pop punk band and our sound ranges from blink-182, all time low, paramore and a day to remember.

I like both of these guitars but thought i'd get your guys opinions on what you prefer and why.

Me personally I'd go with the Schecter Damien since I play mostly, metal, classic rock, and occasionally blues. But since you play more pop rock stuff I recommend the Fender tele. If u have seen any of paramore or blink 182 s videos you'll see that they both use strats or teles. But I recommend getting a guitar with an HSS or HSH configuration. Basically try and get something with a humbucker in the bridge.
I was saying tele until you said ADTR. How much metal-ish stuff do you play?
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The Schecter Damien Elite with medium gain, high-ish treble can get a really nice sharp pop punk sound.

The tele is just built for that genre i guess, and has a great sound to it. Im playing into the MT2 pedal then an equalizer with the highs risen then into a peavey valveking.
The Tele. I love mine. I get amazing pop-punk/punk tones form it and it's very versatile so it would do nicely for what you want to play.
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