Hi! As posted earlier, we are about to develop a new guitar amp as a university project in collaboration with an established manufacturer, and would like to hear your opinions about the perfect amp.

we stop the survey in 20hrs, so please use 2 minutes and help us design the perfect guitaramp...

link to the online survey: http://www.my3q.com/survey/341/rosenbaum/GTRAMP.phtml
Just took it there, Good Survey, best of luck with it.
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Just finished it, good luck with it all
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awesome survey. I love how you can view your results and other people's. Never realized the variety in gear!
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thanks. Well close it down in 10 hrs. We have 90 participants now... it would be nice with 100
We stop the survey in a 30 minutes... if we get 6 more participants er reach 100 answers.... THAT WOULD BE COOL
Done, good luck boys and girls.
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Just filled her out good luck!
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