Hi guys, I'm looking for some amp advice. I play alternative rock/metal - deftones, korn, dir en grey, that sort of distortion tone.

I'm thinking of getting a Laney LV300H head and using it with my Marshall 1960A 4x12 Angled Cabinet (I assume this will work? the Laney sites keeps making reference to it working with their brand of cab).
One band I love Reuben has a minimal live setup and uses this amp it doesnt sound bad (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEO2DMrc3QA)

I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Rect - the distortion is fantastic with an EQ ped, the clean is awful. In my new band I'm doing a lot more clean and a lot more switching between clean and distortion (which is something I found the Mesa didnt do very well live) so I want to make my life easier.

Any constructive advice on this guys?
Thanks a lot
If you aren't totally happy with your Mesa, why not trade it for something where you like both the clean and dirty tones? The LV300H is a cheap hybrid and not a very good one in my experience, the clean tone is very flat and boring and the distortion is terrible. It's a major downgrade from a Triple Rectifier, even if you're not happy with that amp.

What sort of clean tone are you looking for, exactly? What kind of budget do you have and would you be willing to consider just getting one amp to suit both the clean and distorted tones you want?
yeah, i mean i haven't tried the laney, but I'm guessing trading in your triple recto for one is a bit like saying you're not too keen on your porsche and are going to trade it in for a yugo...
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