Its a Fender Jaguar bass, Im pretty sure theres something up with the electronics/pickups or somthing, I have to put the mids up on full on my amp head just to get any kind of tone that doesnt rumble through my body.

Im using an Ashdown ABM head with an apeg 4x10, with the brightest D'addrio strings I could find, and yet all i seem to achieve is some big sounding boom!

I did have some trouble, i used a gig bag rather than a hardcase for a while and the active/passive switch got a bashing, I had to open it up to reseat the switch.Also ive had one the wires on the pickup selector swtiches resouldered because it detatched.

Any advice, or anyone know whos a place i can take it to around the essex area would be most appreciated!
May be obivous, but if it's in Active, roll the bass off, they have about a 4 degree spin that goes from none to all.

The series/parallel switch also adds a fair bit of bottom end.

The ashdown is a rather bass heavy head from my knowledge, and so is the ampeg cab. maybe try it with another amp?

But all the obviousness aside. I have no idea, look up a guitar shop in the phone book or something.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"