Hi guys just wanted some advice on what the best matching ohmage would be between my head and speaker.
I have a Mesa Single Rec and a Marshall 1960 cab. The Mesa has a 4 ohm, and 8ohm output and the cab has a 4ohm and 16ohm switch.

I have been running it 4ohm to 4ohm but just wondered whether this meant i wasnt getting as much power as if i had a 8ohm to 8ohm match? is that how it works? i also read that there are some mismatches that work, i.e. i could put the 8ohm output on the head to the 16ohm input on the cab. Is this true? What should i stick with?Thanks
I think what your asking, is if your head has an advantage putting out 8 ohms, instead of 4 ohms...

Answer: The output transformer gets to use all of it's windings when putting out 8 ohms.
At 4 ohms, I am guessing only 1/2 of it's windings are used...

Does it matter? I asked this question in another forum, as I run (2) 8 ohm cabs in parallel, so I too use the 4 ohm out on my head. The overwhelming response I received was that humans can't hear the difference.

So in short: I don't believe using the 4 or 8 ohm out on the back of your amp, yields a significant advantage sound wise. We just need to make sure speaker config, and amp match in my book.
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You need to go from the 4 ohm out of the amp, into the 4 ohm in on your Cab.

Nothing else will do, providing your Cab is 4 or 16.

Your amp has an 8 ohm out, but for right now, with 1 cab that has a 4 or 16 ohm option, that doesn't help us here.
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