Poll: Nylon or steel string for darker music?
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View poll results: Nylon or steel string for darker music?
7 39%
steel string
10 56%
both (explain)
1 6%
Voters: 18.
which do you prefer for dark sounding music
also, the kind of music where u play a bass line and a single notes or chords on the higher strings?
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On either type of strings, you can play dark sounding stuff. I think a steel string will give you better treble response for your chords so the tensions are clearly defined.
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Two different styles of playing. Both can produce 'dark tones'. That depends on the song and it's construction.
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I think that nylon guitars (classical) are better at expressing specific emotions or rather are more versatile in tone. But I haven't explored it too much. It could be that I just haven't found any good melancholy, dark acoustic songs.
Both work well depending on context. Both King Diamond and Sepultura used nylon for some creepy passages. The start of Metallica's "Fade to Black" is nylon before swithcing to steel. The start of "Battery" is nylon.

I tend to go for steel first but they both work. Experiment and see!
Both are good, my quick notes...

Steel: higher tension and handle detuning better. So you could get a darker, lower tuning and sound from them

Nylon: generally smoother and prettier sounding, so you could PLAY darker music on them, but tuning lower would make the tension almost unplayable. Plus, nylon strings dont get as much bass tone as steel, so you can't get that low end growl and thump to make darker style of music.

That said, if you're recording and are adding bass, nylon could be good for that. Solo, steel has more potential to "sound" darker from it's bass, tone and volume
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IMO. a high end classical guitar blows any steel string out of the water for darker sounding music. I find nylon strings to sound more beautifully resonant when in the right hands and on the right guitar.

To those people who say the voice separation is better on steels, you should try the really high end classical guitars, the clarity between strings is amazingly transparent but still resonant.