Hey guys, here's a new song I've been working on for a while. The description in the thread title I gave is the best way I could describe the song. If you have any other way of describing it, please let me know. Also, if you happen to come up with any lyrical ideas when listening, please let me know. It's titled Demo 1 and it's on my profile. It goes without saying that I'll C4C. Enjoy

Mix works good, love the clean guitar tone. Distorted guitar tone was okay too. Piano sounds great.

I'd very much recommend double-tracking the distorted guitar, and maybe raising the volume a bit. The riffs are good, and you don't play any of them long enough for them to get boring, so that's nice.

More keyboard parts, (maybe strings and piano, maybe something more electronic) in the latter parts of the song though would be good, though, to add some variety and make the sound a bit more interesting. You had good keyboard stuff in the beginning, so it feels like a bit of a waste not to use them more.

Last riff felt a bit out of place, song could've ended when the clean guitar returned, IMO.

So, all in all, compositionally it's good, but you might need to work on the sound, at least in the distorted part of the song.