okay so ive been playing acoustic for a while now but id really like to go electric. I just dont know what to buy. I love the shape of the les paul, but Gibson is a bit out of my price league and im not so keen on Epiphone either. Is there any other brands that has almost the same shape and ability?
Actually pretty much every major company makes a les paul shaped guitar. A lot of them are really good, but a lot more than that are not.

So, how much do you have to spend? We can help you find the most bang for your buck.

Also, keep in mind that you also need an amp, and that you should spend more on an amp because it's more important to your sound than a guitar is.
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im not in the u.s so i dont really know the average price to put into a guitar. Ive checked out ESP and it looks good, im going to a place next week to go check out the different guitars they got. What is a reasonable price for a guitar like esp ?
ESP, Ibanez, Agile, some Schecter series. They all make LP shaped guitars.

The ESPs and Ibbys are both geared towards metal, really. The artist series is kinda less-so than the ESPs, however. Agile's LPs are priced great, sound awesome, feel great (for the price). The Schecters are kinda the same story.

Personally, I wouldn't limit yourself to a shape of a guitar. I'd rather have the most beautiful-sounding, but most butt-****ing ugly (aesthetically) guitar than the nicest looking, but shitty sounding guitar.

Also, it'd be more helpful if you specified styles you listen to/play/want to play, budget, the works.
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Ibanez RG/GRG series are sweet, if you do decide to change shape.

My mate has an Epi les paul special II. Not great, but for a beginner it's more than enough i guess.

Would help if you gave price range/influences

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i really dont have a specific style,i do anything and everything. I get inspiration from all around. Price about $850.

I did look at other shapes and styles. I know its not the shape of the guitar that matters but stil the specific shape does appeal to me.
I suggest getting a really good amp as well as a good guitar

Willing to go Used?
I suggest LTDs

i'll give some suggestions even though i don't know about your price range.
I know this is pretty expensive but hey, its an incredible guitar i must say! I beats Epiphone by the long run. and is an easy competitor against Gibson (i compared my Gibson to this)
If you're fond on a low price range
I really love this ZR trem (be careful before choosing a floating trem since changing strings can be a bit aggravating and is harder than a TOM)
If you want the original les paul shape with a metal edge (another floating trem guitar )
Have you looked at schecter?

If suggest getting a really good amp as well...
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