so i've been using a presonus firepod for a while
it likes to stop working and the blue light turns red...i have to restart my computer for it to start working again.
is this because my computer is too slow...or my interface is messed up...or what?
if i even tap the cable it stops working, and sometimes even if i don't
It's a driver conflict...my FP10 doesn't sync up all the time when I boot and I'll have to shut down for a few minutes to get it to reconnect.......PreSonus customer support has been unable to help and I've had the issue on both Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64bit.

Other times I have it loose the numbers in the control panel audio playback and record section of windows so I have to then reinstall the drivers.....

Both for me are quite annoying and I plan on going back to M-Audio one of these days with the Profire 2626.
Moody - I've been researching this a lot lately. The PreSonus stuff seems to be a great piece of gear, except for the notoriously bad drivers.

I've been finding basically awesome reviews on the Steinberg MR816X, with the one caveat that it seems to be picky about which chipsets they work with. I've also looked at the M-Audio ProFire2626, but the Steinberg is getting better reviews.

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The Steinberg MR816X does look like a very nice unit, and yea the reviews seem better at the same price.....I'll have to look into that one some more.
Let me know how ya like it when ya get yours in the mail and try it out.
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