some of you may of noticed my absence from the forum yesterday and given my most recent purchase you can`t blame me......might disappear for a longer period very soon just to discover the awesomeness of this purchase

i`ve posted this in gga `cos it`s primarily going to be used for guitar and bass whilst other instruments will be covered by midi

anyway pics 1st, it`s what it says on the box...MBox2 factory editon

Front view

Rear Panel....where all the in/outs are

Now the awesome bit......protoolsLE 8.0

and finally the part that makes it the factory, is the iLOK usb key which containds the authorisation for the additional plugins

so you want a review then....

price paid £355 from Andertons Music in Guilford (purchased via website)

after spending 1/2 hour install 5GB of software and completing the registration i was ready to record....so after 3 hours i worked out why it wasn`t and laid down a little test track, the 1st thing i noticed was the unsurpassed clarity, compared to recording i`ve heard from other manufacturers (line 6, guitar rig etc) after all this is the same software used in major recording studios. it`s not worth posting the test track

the hardware....looking at the pic of the front panel above there`s headphone socket, then headphone and monitor levels then the mix control so you can control what goes through the monitors and what is through the headphones, then you have your input controls...

L to R selects mono or stereo input
phantom 48v power for condenser mic

input 1 and 2 are indentical
input volume
a pad button so if you are using a high input system (powerful pickups etc) you can hold it back a bit
and a selection between DI and mic
the back of the unit has all the features you`d expect from a highend interface (even though it`s bottom of the highend tier).

Was it worth the expense ...yes
Is it going to be easy to use......only with alot of practice and spending time with the software....the hardware a blind monkey could use.
Am i happy......oh yes

i`ll try to answer any questions
:O:O JEALOUS although you have given me hope about getting set up with protools i thought it was much more than £355
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Hurry up then `cos when the mbox3 is launched next month the equivalent model is around £700

there`s 3 levels of protools

Mpowered same price area as a toneport
LE which is what i`ve got here
and HD which is what is in the super studios of the megastars

LE is fine for me though
you know what over a 100 views and one response, yet when a 13 year old buys a shitty amp or guitar or a boss pos pedal everyonre obliges with a response, guess what peeps don`t expect me to respond to hngd or to help out anymore, i`m going to send a formal request that my account and contributions be deleted.

the reason i posted this thread was to enlighten peeps that you can get professional gear on the cheap...not for some self gratifiacation.....if you want to keep in touch )those in my friends you can find me on jemsite, vai.com and satriani.com and daveweiner.com (when the forum is up and running)........don`t bother reporting this as a bad post `cos i`m deleting the account.