(rough draw)

Found a dried rose in a dusty book.
A poem was written under it,
in blue ink, and an eyelash
from long ago was still there.
It was blonde, but he had dark hair, and
the rose was brown, while it used to be red.
The book had taken a bit of its color,
as if they'd told stories to each other.

The stem only had one thorn,
but he hurt his finger when he touched it.
A little drip of blood ran over the page,
and he smiled, for the first time since
you left him, and he, the romantic
left this rose here, he, the fool.

This flower meant the end for him,
sucked him dry of love
and drained him with bitterness
when you left him, the romantic.

Still smiling, he put the rose back in the book,
and put the book back on the shelf,

went back to his stack of uncorrected tests.
This, I think, was well written. And actually I like the ending. It seemed a little abrupt, but it sounded good, simple, and completely relatable. Sounds great Keep on Writing
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