...and so the big sale continues...

Next up is my Yamaha APX-4A Electro-Acoustic, natural wood finish with rosewood fretboard.


I bought this guitar about 10 years ago from Music Exchange in Birmingham and paid about £350 for it. It's served me well over the years. It's been gigged a lot and been to many parties and has a few bruises to show for it!

Since buying my Taylor a couple of years ago, this little fighter hasn't had a look in, so I figured the kindest thing to do would be to give her a new lease of life.

Like I said there are signs of wear and tear, surface scratches, dings etc The main offender is on the lower horn where my mate's bass fell, machine head first, on top of it (See pics). However, despite that, it still plays really well. It's a little thinner than normal, which I found a lot more comfortable, especially when standing up.

The EQ controls are very responsive, providing a wide scope of tonal variety when plugged in. Acoustically it's not a resonant as it's full size dreadnought brethren, but it more than holds its own and I think has a very distinctive sound - it's just not a Taylor though

It's got some good reviews too:






The damage - http://www.zeligmusic.co.uk/files/yamaha/yamaha5.jpg
Close up damage - http://www.zeligmusic.co.uk/files/yamaha/yamaha2.jpg


I'll seriously consider all offers of around £35, and collection is preferred, although I can meet half way somewhere around the West Midlands.

I'll give it a good clean and if someone offers £40, I'll throw in a new battery and a fresh set of strings (and I'll even fast-fret them!!)

All proceeds are going towards a telecaster build

Thanks for looking,
Bumpy bumpage.

I have the strings in hand, ready to go for anyone willing to pay £40 for this guitar.
Quote by badgerific

Not really after a trade mate. Trying to raise cash for telecaster build.

Cheers for the offer though.
The problem is I haven't got a case or suitable box to send it in.

I'll have a look at work to see if I have something suitable to package it up in.
I'll try to get a postage cost too and let you know.

This little trooper is still for sale. I can't do delivery, unless I find a box big enough!

£40 collection will get you a fresh set of strings too.
Stop Press

I can now post this guitar.

I've given the Yamaha a good clean, steel wool'd and guitar honey 'd the fretboard and polished & waxed the body.

I'll add some strings and give them a coating of fast fret tonight.

I'm looking for £40 plus the cost of postage (TBC).

It's totally worth the price....

@Profdrum - Do you still want to be next in line? (Waiting to hear back from Badgerific)