Soundwise, I like it. The pad sound with the slight tremolo is cool, and the guitar sound is great, especially on the bends. The keyboard sounds are pretty nice too. However, I don't think that the soloing is good enough to build an entire song on. Technically it works, but try to create more melodies, instead of just soloing. If you listen to songs by, say, Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, they usually have a central hook, which they return to, like a kind of chorus. I feel like something similar could fit in nicely here.
^^ yeah that's true.. the idea in this song was to just create a 2 chord progression song with jamming elements... it's all improvisation.. except the chord progression

yeah satriani writes in a different way.. he's got his songs like lyric songs... he's got verse one, verse 2, chorus, verse 1, solo, chorus and so one.. in my case its a bit different.. more liek Buckethead based