Picked up a vox vt 30 to play around with while back from
Musicians friend. I got it used for 100 bucks all I had to do was
Replace the input jack and I'm good to go. Once It was delivered I plugged
It in and started to mess with it. I turned the volume all the way up
Turned the wattage to 30 and no sound no humming nothing. Turned the phaser on to get that
To see if I could her anything and nothing. So I took it to a shop 3 months ago (just got it back yesterday)
For them to tell me the pre amp is done and needs to be replaced.

I don't know much about amps but I don't think it would take three months
For them to figure out its the pre amp. Also when I called 3 weeks in the guy seemed
Very uninterested in fixing my amp and was pushing me to buy a new one at his store.

So can anyone tell me what I could do to confirm that its a pre amp?
Does it sound like anything else? I'd really like to fix this its a fun amp

Sorry for the novel
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If i was you id be pretty mad.
Id be taking it up with mf thats ridiculous if you bought it and it didnt work.
And about the tech you took it to it could take that long if he had other jobs going on, I hope you didnt pay much for him to look at it.
Overall id probly get a new amp from somewhere else.
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Not much I can do other then try and fix it or be beat 100 bucks.
MF won't take it back because iv had it three months. Which I can understand
Because I thought it was getting repaired at the shop.

So at this point I'm hope someone on here can give me an idea as to what
I should check out aside from the basics, wiring,connections ect.
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as a seasoned craigslister I would say you got ripped off... always assume that anyone selling you a broken thing is lying. but 100 is still way to much to pay for a broken amp. I always suspect if someone knows a jack is broken but cant fix it themselves...

anyways.. lets find you a solution shall we? the good: tube amps are fairly easy to repair. the bad: this has lots of dsps and other digital circuitry that isnt easy.

my first step would be to test out see if the effects loop works, or any pre amp out power amp in etc.

Honestly if a shop told you the preamp was blown they probably know what they're talking bout.

but i doubt its something simple sorry to say. you may be able to just bypass the preamp though it wont be pretty but itl work.

at absolute worst, pull the amp out of the cab, sell it for a couple bucks and then attach a jack to the back and you have a nice little expansion cab.
I had a similar problem with my ADVT a while back. The problem was cold solder joints so I'd start there.
Quote by oZone_TNS
I had a similar problem with my ADVT a while back. The problem was cold solder joints so I'd start there.

cold solder joints?
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cold solder joints is a phrase meaning a solder joint in there isnt making a good connection.

reheat all the solder joints, adding a tiny bit of extra solder to them. then see if it works.