Pretty solid take there champ =D

Rhythmically, you were on the dot, but a lot of the bends particularly lacked conviction and had some compromise in intonation, which really had an effect on the overall performance. But with a bit of time invested in practicing bending intonation and pitching, you'll be up to deliver an incredible performance, for sure, and your overall playing will skyrocket.
Your playing was very clean though, and you deserve a kudos there - so, kudos!

I'm looking forward to checking out more covers once you've got some up, and if you have the time, could you pass on a quick critique on my cover of Wonderful Slippery Thing? Thanks in advance if you're able to, and keep up the great playing!

Thank you for the comment!

Yes, you have right, some of my bends are rally not enough powerful and accurate,but i work on it.

It's really nice, some really fluent playing there + the tone is perfect for this style of music. What do you record with?
I agree with the bends - but once you get those down properly, this is pretty much perfect!