Hi I just got a XPT700 which has an Edge 3 bridge, and im not familiar with floating tremolos. Its step up pertfectly for E Standard but i want to set it up for E Flat Standard and when i try to tune it , it just returns back to E. Any Suggestions?
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if you really want to tune down (which isn't recommended) you should alter the bridge, which should be done by a qualified tech unless you have a cheaper guitar to practice on.
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Unless you're a qualified tech, I wouldn't even try to tune it to Eb standard. That requires you to reset it, at least if you don't want it floating back to E standard.
Yeah, don't find out the hard way like me..

Tuned it to drop C...

Wasn't pretty.

Don't **** with the Edge III.


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erm its not that hard brochacho just loosen up the springs a bit then tune to eb and your set brah
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