Hi !
Just before my question i just want to make the statement that i dident know wich thread to post in , so dont bash me for being in the wrong thread please.
Im starting to get into vinnie moore . Heard a few songs by him at a friend of mine and seen him play on videos on youtube.

So my question is . Wich is his most popular solo album? Most popular songs? Also wich albums is the greatest in his neoclassical style and wich is more the soft melodic kind of style he has?

And where should i start out?

Thanks in advance.

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Meltdown is a must have album in my opinion. The title track and Cinema are phenomenal.
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Alright guys thanks! Atleast now i know what to get and practise! closeing .
Not a fan of every single one of his songs, but I find Last Chance from Meltdown really awesome. Quite easy to play if you can get past the sweeps.