Hi there. Im relatively new to UG, ive never posted a thread before but i need some help now. A couple of months ago i got a new guitar from my parents as a graduation gift. Its a decent guitar from Rondomusic.com and here is the link http://www.rondomusic.com/SR1STDBK.html i want to swap out all of the hardware and electronics for gold colored hardware. My question is regarding the bridge. The bridge is a Licensed Floyd Rose and it is single locking. You dont have to cut the ball ends off. I would like to replace it with a Gold colored floating trem. Ive looked online and found a good deal for a licensed gold floyd but it is the lo pro model. Will this bridge be able to drop right in? are there any other DOUBLE-locking floyd that would fit?
I'm inclined to say yes- if I remember right all Floyd Rose models swap with each other, licensed or not, double- or single-locking. If it's not an actual Floyd Rose they're in a world of hurt from a lawsuit, so I would take comfort in that.

Bear in mind though, that's still a budget guitar, so the cuts of wood are well sub-par. I think you'd be better off putting the upgrade money into a new guitar, especially if it'll come with gold hardware.
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You can check beyondeleven.com to see if they have what you are looking for.

To answer your question, I don't believe that they would just drop right in or function correctly. A lo-pro" is shaped slightly longer to help it lay flatter, thus being a lower profile. and this will require some extra routing to the body to allow for it's shape and proper functionability.

A double locking trem does fit the same as a non-locking trem. So, there should be no issues there!
Thanks much everyone! I know its a budget guitar im not going to go all out in upgrading it. I just want to change the bridge and nut , the volume and tone knobs, the pickup rings, and strap buttons. Overall it shouldnt cost too much.