There's a thread around here of some guy who was looking into the same amp and we gave him like 3 pages of better amps for the same money. Go find that one.
I tried the half stack yesterday. It's effectiveness really depends on what you're using it for. Metal? Worthless fizz. Led Zeppelin? Pretty good. Pop-punk? Pretty good. Still, I think there are better amps out there for the money.
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By high-gain I don't mean stupid stuff. I just mean styles like Motley Crue or Iron Maiden
I tried it and didn't like it. While it has quite a bit of gain available, it's very bright and thin sounding. It's very fuzzy at high gain settings. Not great, and there are better amps for the price, like Laney, Orange Rocker 30, Jet City, Peavey 6505 and Fender Hot Rods.
Think in the last thread about the MA50 combo everyone agreed a Jet City 50w head + Avatar 212 was infinitely better for the same price.