I'm trying to get a good idea of what this amp sounds like, but almost every clip I hear on youtube makes me vomit. As if the user has no idea that they aren't playing a superbrootal death metal amp.

Any help here?
check out the clips I have in my profile.

I dont know if there good, but i like them...
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Didn't Matric Claw get one, surely he'd have made a clip of it by now.
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that was the first video i got when i searched "Laney GH" in youtube. doesn't sound like "superbrootal death metal" to me

Sounds very nice no doubt. Missed that one, but that's not really what I would be using it for. Sounds like a more british mesa mark to me.
Let me clarify, there are few clips that show the amp in this fashion:

As opposed to this:

And youtube is overly populated with clips that are like the second example, while the amp is obviously better suited towards the first example
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