I know that there is an "official" prank thread but that was kinda lame. it had like 28 posts and kinda sucked.

So, heres how it goes. You post pranks that would be funny or cruel and they can be written out, in videos, or pictures. (They haz them, seriously) You should also post what the average outcome of the prank will be. Oh yeah, and gags are cool too. like shock pens.... Oh yeah.


1. If its a picture, and your quoting it, don't repost that same picture it kinda gets annoying, replace it with a short description like {Totally awesome toothpaste prank}

2. Speaking of short descriptions, if you're posting a video describe what it is please.

3. One thing, please don't post too many prank phone calls, those can get annoying.

4. No nudity in the pictures or videos, I'm not sure, but if its blurred... yeah i dunno.

5. Please respect each other, and have fun.

Imma start out

College dorm pranks

Heres the soda prank.

You know' when you drive through at mcdonalds or something ask for a ketchup packet or anything else of the sort. (btw if you have a place that uses black straws, then that workd really well.) when your friend is not looking dump out their drink. (a good time to do this is when they go to the bathroom, some do that before they eat)
and place a ketchup packet with the edge torn off big enough for the straw to fit in it. when they drink it, if they do not notice any discoloration when it goes up the straw, then you will have successfully have pranked them. It works trust me.
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Hire a baby sitter, tell her your kids are asleep upstairs. You don't have any kids. Come home. "Where the fudge are my babies?!"
Guise, it's almost Halloween. This thread could be useful for those of us who like to scare the shit out of our loved ones.

I usually just go for the classic wait-behind-the-bushes-and-pop-out trick. Sometimes it doesn't work and I end up scaring the innocent mailman/kind old lady bringing cookies.
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wait, am i being punk'd?
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Egging somebodys room.

1)get eggs
2)break into persons house with no one there
3)egg everything (bed, desk, floor [extra points for carpeted room] clothing [more extra points for egging clean clothes])

Result: massive mess/ extreme anger/ room smells like rotten eggs for a very long time.

Not so much a harmless prank as a way to get back at someone for something terrible done to you, but its still fun.
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