i know im probobly saying this wrong but umm how do you make a minor chord sound more bright or a major chord sound darker ? im trying to make a beat its a hip hop/pop song (please dont talk badly about it i know this is a mainly rock site) would this be modes ? if you could give me any info on what mode or a site that helps out that would be greatly appreciated
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try using some palm mutes with a nice beat. if u want a really good example, try listening to Hollywood Undead or someone like that
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Those are big questions that I don't think there is a good answer for. At least, it won't be easy to help you. Maybe if you post a MIDI file of something you're working on we can try to help.
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Try adding a 7th or 9th or even an 11th... I don't know.

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Use the tone control on your guitar?

Are you looking for a middle ground or are you just wanting to change the feel of the chords? If you want a chord that doesn't sound happy or sad, just leave out the 3rd. Triads are always going to have the same feel whatever mode or scale you're in because they will always have the same intervals. Changing mode or scale will just switch which triads are where and which are minor or major. If you want something different, you're going to have to go into chords other than just triads, like adding 7th, 9ths, or leaving out specific notes.

One thing I would try though is playing them with different combinations of notes. A lot of people forget that bar chords and open chords are not the only ways to play those combinations of notes. Changing which note is on the bottom of the triad, which notes are doubled and where it is on the guitar can change the feel of it a lot.
9ths help out alot but i srtill gotta add other extentions too some other chords im still trying to find the right progression so far i got caddd9 to a d maj
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If by knife you mean penis, and by shred you mean sex

then im soo with you

Could be different voicings, certain extension or alterations, the context for sure, or maybe even choosing a different chord.

Need more specifics/context/goal.
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