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I recently bought a Bugera 333 120 watt head and I am trying to decide what to do about a cabinet. Unfortunately, I do not have more than about $350 to put into a cab. I found a new 2x12 Fender Band Master Vintage Modern cab with 2 celestion G12p-80's (AKA seventy 80) fort $275. I also found two 1x12 crate GT112SL cabs with a celestion G12t-100 (AKA Hot 100) in each for $120 a piece.

Which would you all recommend for high gain, but also for playing some good clean stuff? The Fender 2x12 or the 2 crate 1x12s? I am also open to any other recommendations anyone my have for under $350.

I wouldn't really glance at Crate when for around that price you can pick up a nice used/new Avatar cab with some V30s or something similar. V30s are a stable for a lot of people, although there are many other viable options from Celestion which Avatar will put in for you assuming you buy new.
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I'm not so concerned about the Crate cabinet itself, it was the celestion G12t-100 that caught my attention. I guess I never really considered the celestion V30's. I didn't think those were supposed to be very tight at high gain?
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They are more known for their icepick sound - they have more mids than most speakers do. For some people that's a plus, for others it's a minus.

As for not being tight enough, Mesa Boogie cabs use V30s. And Mesa is known for having cabs with incredibly tight low end.

Either way, I'd try out my head through the speaker before buying if I were you, regardless of what you decide on.
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i used a C-90/blackshadow, was supposed to be similar to a 80 from what i heard, had a nice tone for heavier stuff, a bit scooped sounding, but the kinda firm response you want for high gain.

my personal favorite for high gain was the G12K-100, very stiff and sterile, but it'll keep up with all the slack tunings and high gain you can throw at it and not even blink.

i played the T-75's and they just didn't do it for me at all, some people may like them though

i really liked V30's at first, until i got around the block a little more, started comparing recordings with different speakers and the V30's were just a fail in side by side comparisons.

as far as cabs, a 2x12 will go further for cash. the larger the closed back cab, the lower the resonance, the more/more stable low end you'll get. that is why i got an orange ppc212, the avatar contemporary is a clone with a little thinner wood but your choice of speaker. i'd personally do a G12-80 and G12K-100 combo.
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Avatar closed back cab with some Celestian GT1275 ( iirc )?

had the same speakers in a marshall cab and they were pretty damn awesome for Br00talz metal.

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