Condition largely irrelevant if structurally sound . . . this means no neck pocket damage that bolt necks end up with after a while.

No need for electronics as I'm going to take them out anyway. If you want to keep them and sell them then that's OK.

Not bothered about thru neck/ bolt on/ colour/ etc.

I will consider any price point, but am mainly looking for project guitars to turn into a second stage guitar that will need to take a beating. As long as it has that lovely jackson neck profile and is structurally sound then I don't care. I am always interested in finding good Jackson/ Charvel guitars and soloists though, but will probably only offer on them if its at a reasonable price. Try me though.

So essentially I want:

Rear routed superstrat guitar with or without pickups or electronics.
all i got to offer is a jackson stealth ex body, but im in the US. pm me if you have any interest.
i have a neck from a charvel predator that suffered a break during shipping. i've repaired it and its structurally sound. it will fit and intonate with the stealth body. its reverse headstock btw. the body would require(if going back to stock) a jackson jt580 which i'm pretty sure i have lyin around, now lemme see what else i got.....nut and tuners on the neck already, bar for the trem, barrel output jack, 25k or 500k used pots, a 3way slider, charvel neck plate, jackson bridge humbucker, a jackson middle single coil, and a no name dual rail single coil. guess i actually have everything to make a guitar other than a set of strings and the neck bolts. ha ha and i'm pretty sure i got some sittin around somewhere. i must note that this is a 22 fret guitar/body/neck. since the neck is from a different model some shimming may be needed. not sure what youre lookin to spend tho.....if it now interests you pm me. piecing a guitar together is sometimes more expensive than buyin a used back up. out of curiousity, why are you lookin to put one together instead of just buy one?