Hi all,

So im going to be building a small practice amp for a college project im retaking seeing as my last idea was total crapola.

Basically I need to design the amp as a marketable product that will appeal to wide audience so I need to conduct some market research. Thats where you all come in!

So if anyone who would be kind enough to donate a few (more) minutes of their time to this cause it would be a great help.

Here is the link to the questionnaire:


I can't imagine there's much way for me to return the favour but if anyone happens to live in Sheffield UK ill happily buy them a drink.

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I think the most important thing for a practice amp is a wide range of good tones, but that's a lot easier said than done. That's why I think modelling amps are a good idea, except they don't always sound very good.
alright. hope that helps. i'd really like to see the build when you start. planning on going SS or valve?
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Yes that is what im trying to acheive. Im looking for the product to be unique and have found that there arent many low power practise amps that are very versatile, and the ones that are dont usually sound very good
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Thanks for all the quick replies.

I think most likely ill be going valve as it seems pretty clear it will sound better and i think thats more important than having to wait for it to warm up or having to replace the tubes or anything like that.

My main aim is to have a good and useful range of sounds and most of the questions in the survey were to figure out what kind of sounds to focus on.
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